It's time.

Is worry, stress, or anxiety negatively impacting your life?

Are you always on the go and feeling way too busy? Do you need a pause in life to simply breathe?

Imagine feeling calm and at ease within yourself and with others on a regular basis?

How much easier would it be to navigate through life if you had the regular opportunity to take time for yourself, to feel grounded, and to feel calm?

If you are the type of person who loves to ponder ideas and connect those ideas to how you live your day to day life, I can relate.

Dealing with ourselves, let alone other people can be such a drain. I find myself craving time in nature, time to stop and think, and with the need to move pent up or scattered energy in my body through conscious movement.

If this resonates with you, we have created a space for you to learn in the comfort of your own space and time, in a quiet online setting so you can take a moment for yourself.

What holds you back?

Can you relate to any of the following:

• I could be more productive if I didn’t feel so anxious.

• I can’t handle confrontation.

• I feel self-conscious so I withdraw.

• I’m easily affected by other people’s comments, remarks, or opinions.

• I'm highly affected if people are angry, jealous, belittling, or if there is conflict.

• I know I would feel better if I was more focused.

• My heart hurts from the pain in this world and in myself.

• I want to be with people and yet I feel very uncomfortable in group settings.

• I never really feel like I’m truly myself with other people. This can make it difficult to do my best, to really learn and not be distracted by my awareness of everyone else. Yet I also feel motivated by other people.

• I’m more likely to show up if I feel accountable.

I have often been asked why I started to learn tài jí and I didn’t have a good answer. At that time, I was much younger than most of the other students and I didn’t have any health problems to overcome. But for some reason, I was drawn to it and I loved it.

How tài jí can help you.

Yes, there are many physical benefits but there's so much more:

• To experience a deeper, more enriching connection to yourself and life.

• To feel stronger, stable, more confident in your body.

• To be calm and at ease within yourself and with others.

• To activate your brain and engage your mind.

• To learn a practice that you can continue and deepen for the rest of your life. It’s not something you will ever have to give up. You’ll only get better at it as you get older.

There's more!

Whatever your ideas of 'tai chi' might be, it’s time to take another look:

It provides engaging elements of physiology and philosophy.

It’s a live and fluid practice that integrates itself into our core, over time, in a deeply satisfying way.

It makes us physically stronger without the need for high impact, noise, or an array of equipment.

It coordinates our brain, body, movement, and breath and makes us highly aware of ourselves as a whole, intricate, fascinating, strong, and agile being.

It’s not a quick fix. It’s not a straight line. You develop patience as you learn movements over time and turn them from flailing arms and awkward steps to refined, cursive movements.

One by one, you start to notice differences in your body and how you experience life. You may first notice a settling in your being and a greater sense of stability.

You may notice a more effective use of your movements - that you are engaging more parts of your body. You may slowly start to feel the relation between your posture and how that reflects your thoughts about who you are and how you experience yourself in this life.

You may finally feel like this is a way to experience that elusive thing called meditation that we are all supposed to be doing.

You may begin to feel more calm. More content. And when you are not calm and content, you can survive that cycle until you return once again to a more comfortable state of being.

I’m here to take this journey with you. There are some basic things to learn first; some guiding principles, sequences of movement, some terminology. I will help you integrate this into your life. Not just during your online practice time but infusing it into all of your actions and steeped into your daily life.

We each have our own personal journey. Our own gifts and talents, our own ways of being in this world. I don’t believe there is only one answer.

There are many paths and maybe this one is for you.

It's time.

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See what people are saying about Tài jí Life

Now is probably a good time!

Doug Leitch

“Surprising and completely happily amazing. I did not understand that what I thought of as great balance was not even close, and through Tai Chi training with Wendy I now move about not just through the training exercises but through life with a new understanding and sense of balance. If you have not absorbed this into your life, now is probably a good time!”

Relaxed friendly way

Terry Lewis

“I attended the tai chi class presented by Wendy. Wendy has a very relaxed friendly way of presenting the moves, demonstrating the reasons for the moves and helping newcomers with an understanding of how the moves need to be completed. Having been previously involved in martial arts training here and in China, I have experienced good and bad instructors. Wendy is a very good instructor who helps you do the tai chi movements to the best of your ability. I would definitely recommend her no matter why you are interested in studying tai chi and the other Chinese martial arts.”

Patient and kind

Rhona Smith

“I’ve enjoyed my first Tai chi class with Wendy. She is a great teacher, patient and kind. She makes you feel welcome and comfortable while learning a new skill. Would definitely recommend Wendy as your teacher.”

Gain strength

Catherine Glynn

“I have taken Yang 8 with Wendy twice. She is very patient and enthusiastic. Taiji Training is a nice, gentle way to exercise and gain strength. Great teacher!”

Sense of wellbeing

M. Michelle Nadon

“Wendy’s Taiji series of videos was awesome—and wrap up was clever. Great induction to the practice. I have ADHD and seldom get relief from my thoughts, but doing these exercises (the combination of poses and movements) forced real presence on me. Even if I just do one set a day, I am able to generate a real sense of wellbeing and groundedness. Thank you!”

Make practising at home easy

Erika Allen

“I am really enjoying your classes as you have a knack in breaking down the routine into easily understood moves. You also have an innate understanding of how people learn and the pace of your classes reflects that. The videos are tremendously helpful and make practising at home easy. Your quiet, friendly approach brings a serenity to the class. Thank you!”

Using your videos

Raine Davis

“Thank you for your inspiring and gentle teachings of Tai Chi. As a beginner it is always a vulnerable and curious place to be. You were kind and encouraging as well as informative and offering a safe place for us all to practice a beautiful spiritual teaching. My curiosity is piqued… I would like to continue the journey using your videos as support.”


Pamela Doyle

“I took Wendy’s Chair Tai Chi Class and was inspired by her knowledge and patience. I am 82 yrs and really enjoyed the class, Thank you.”

Compassionate and intuitive

Ida Mascarin

“I thoroughly enjoy attending classes with Wendy. This was my first time taking Tai Chi classes. I was nervous and anxious when I went to my first class. The moment I met Wendy she put me at ease. She is a very compassionate and intuitive instructor. Wendy follows up with us and sends videos to help us continue to learn and develop. I recommend Wendy as an instructor.”


Marg Nauman

“I have thoroughly enjoyed your classes. You are very kind, thoughtful and caring. You are always positive, encouraging and very cheerful. Thanks for your enthusiasm for teaching.”